Company Profile

1952 Showa27 Kondo Shoten became independent in Taito-ku.
1955 Showa30 Established Minoshigyo Ltd. with 800,000 yen in capital at the same location.
1973 Showa48 Changed from a limited company to a corporation. Established Sagamihara Sales Plant.
1979 Showa54 Established Soka Sales Plant.
1981 Showa56 Established Utsunomiya Sales Plant.
1984 Showa59 Established Moriya Sales Plant.
1988 Showa63 Constructed a stock yard in Moriya City.
1990 Heisei02 Established Yachimata Sales Plant.
1995 Heisei07 Masaru Kondo became the CEO.
1996 Heisei08 Established Tsukuba Sales Plant.
1999 Heisei11 Established Ishibashi Sales Plant. Constructed the confidential document destruction facility and started operation.
2001 Heisei13 Established Senjuazuma Sales Plant.
2002 Heisei14 Obtained the ISO 14001 certification.
2003 Heisei15 Established Shinonome Sales Plant and constructed the confidential document destruction facility.
2005 Heisei17 Obtained the ISO 27001 (ISMS) certification.
2006 Heisei18 Established Toda Sales Plant. Expanded the confidential document destruction facility at Soka Sales Plant.
2007 Heisei19 Established Chikusei Sales Plant. Installed media shredder at Shinonome Sales Plant.