Message from the President

Many of us start our “day with paper” with a newspaper that we pick up in the morning. Such as textbooks and notebooks at schools, books, documents and catalogs at offices, wrapping papers at shops, etc., paper is essential to our society and life and becomes fundamental to create abundance.

However, the reduction of forest resources, which paper is made from, has become a global environmental problem. Meanwhile, the large amount of waste paper has become a waste disposal problem. Thus, recycling limited resources is one of the important subjects that need to be promoted by joint effort of the public and private sectors.

At Minoshigyo Corporation, we have dedicated ourselves to collect raw materials for recycled paper for 53 years. We have the shared responsibility in the recycling society as a papermaking material wholesaler that provides raw materials to paper mills promoting effective uses of paper resources.

About Us

Company Name Minoshigyo Corporation
Address 3-18-16 Senju Midori-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Phone Number (81) 3-3882-4922
Fax (81) 3-3888-6439
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Company Representative Masaru Kondo
Capital 95,000,000 yen